NJCAPS-New Jersey Collaboration and Partnership Schools is an ad hoc group within the New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NJACTE). As an ad hoc, NJCAPS has representatives from each participating colleges/universities who have PDS university-school partnerships. NJCAPS holds a number of events and activities, including a yearly conference that is open to all university-school partnerships and teacher preparation stakeholders.


NJCAPS is an affiliate of the National Association of Professional Development Schools (NAPDS). NAPDS believes that supporting regional and state Professional Development Schools (PDS) organizations as affiliates of the national organization provides more opportunities for advocating PDSs as the paramount model for the preparation of aspiring teachers. Together, NAPDS and its local affiliates can provide stronger support for P-12 students, P-12 teachers, clinical faculty, teacher candidates and Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) faculty to meet the goals of the NAPDS Nine Essentials.

As an affiliate, NAPDS advocates for and uses the core values of the NAPDS, as described in “What it means to be a Professional Development School.” The nine essentials described in the document provide the context for the work of the affiliate and the bond between the affiliate and the NAPDS. The affiliate and the NAPDS promote a relationship of reciprocity for the mutual benefit of both.

Affiliation is intended for networking groups, teacher education organizations and PDS consortiums comprised of multiple universities and P-12 schools who are providing support, advocacy and professional development to PDS partners. Affiliation is not intended for one university’s PDS network.

For more information about NAPDS go to: https://napds.org/membership-types/affiliations/

To join NJCAPS fill out this application: Membership Application to Join