NJACTE Days of Assessment

Our 2018-19 Day of Assessment was held on Thursday, April 11, 2019 at the Rutgers Busch Student Center. with Dr. Catherine Wehlburg as keynote speaker, sponsored by Watermark.

Our 2017-18 Assessment Committee held a full day of assessment evaluation for higher education EPPs and P-12 partners in teacher preparation us on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at the Rutgers Douglass Student Center – Trayes Hall, featuring Dr. Judy R. Wilkerson, of Florida Gulf Coast University: NJACTE ASSESSMENT DAY FLYER

edTPA Workshops

NJACTE is actively seeking campus hosting sites for AY 2019-20 Professional Development Sessions. Please view the topics below before you complete a hosting form.

List of Topics:

Beginner Handbook and Rubric Deep Dive provides a deep look at edTPA handbooks, rubrics, and expectations for candidates.

Deep Dive and Candidate Support
This session provides a deep look at edTPA handbooks, rubrics, and expectations for candidates.  Participants will also review and discuss strategies and resources for supporting candidates in the edTPA process.

Academic Language (Beginner/Advanced) provides a thorough overview of academic language, including the role of academic language in the profession and how it is embedded in edTPA.

Advanced Curriculum Inquiry provides an opportunity to examine valued program outcomes and their relationship to the cycle of effective teaching and edTPA expectations. Program faculty examine where and how the program already provides formative experiences aligned with edTPA and how edTPA contributes to a multiple measures assessment system.

Designing an Instructional Framework for Teacher Candidate Success on edTPA
Candidate success on edTPA is greatly impacted by three key factors: faculty knowledge of the assessment, candidate preparation for the assessment, and support for candidates while they complete their edTPA portfolios. If any of these three factors is deficient, teacher candidates may not experience edTPA success or completion of the assessment may be far more stressful than necessary. Faculty members need to examine their programs in these three key areas to create an instructional framework to help prepare teacher candidates for edTPA success. This strategy was used by Illinois State University to “turn around” their Business Teacher Education (BTE) program. Workshop participants will examine the steps the ISU BTE faculty took to achieve this change and will be given the tools to examine their own programs to develop their own instructional framework for edTPA success.

Local Evaluation Training
Local Evaluation Training provides audience with a deep understanding of edTPA rubrics and the evaluation process so they are prepared to examine candidate materials and performance in order to provide feedback and/or in reference to a score report to inform program renewal conversations.

New Jersey CAEPCon

NJACTE proudly hosted Stevie Chepko for a full day of sessions focused on New Jersey and the CAEP Standards. The $50 registration fee included breakfast, lunch, and all sessions. (One complimentary member per NJACTE institution with registration code).

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