2019 Distinguished Student Teachers

Congratulations to the 2019 Distinguished Student Teachers!



Benefits of Student Teachers for Schools and Districts


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New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.

The NJACTE (New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education) is made up of 24 public and private institutions of higher education who prepare students to be teachers and school leaders for the 21st century. The NJACTE serves as an advocate for educators, and develops policy that impacts on the quality of education from preschool to post graduate level. The overarching goal of NJACTE is to ensure that those involved in the educational decision making process on issues in New Jersey hear the voice our members.

Teachers don’t know the content they’re teaching…

Teachers don’t understand the needs of their students…

Hot Topics for NJACTE AY 2019-2020

Diversifying the Profession

Days of Advocacy

edTPA Standard-Setting (Implementation Timeline with Cut Scores)

NJ Professional Development: edTPA

NJACTE is seeking institutions willing to host Professional Development topics (DeepDive, Academic Language, Candidate Support or Local Evaluation Training) for Academic Year 2018-19. Thanks to Caldwell, Felician, Jersey City, Monmouth, Montclair, Ramapo, Rowan, Rutgers New Brunswick, Seton Hall, Stockton, The College of New Jersey, and William Paterson for the workshops thus far.


If you are interested in hosting a future NJ-edTPA training session on your campus, please visit the Events page.

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